Ms. Apple is Missing

Ms. Apple is Missing: The Case of the Chocolate Pudding Catastrophe! When your and the res of the students arrive to school, you find out that your teacher is missing! You, along with the rest of the students, need to try to figure out where Ms. Apple is. Make sure to make the right choices or your teacher will never be found! Click on the option you want to choose to go to the next page. The audio does not work for the story so it can not be read aloud. Click on various objects to see if they move.

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Made in Fall 2006 by Sara Abrahamian, Elly Brabender, Jennifer Buresh, Tessa Caine, Liz Campbell, Sheriden DeCastro, Jayme Dombrowski, Emily Drain, Susan Ernst, Ellie Fair, Kristen Gloudemans, Emily Huss, Amanda King, Andrea Klika, Dana Kwiatkowski, Gina Lanser, Lindsay LeBeau, Kate Mayhew, Rebecca Melis, Katie Peterson, Sara Popp, Michelle Reeb, Guy Sabin, Ashley Schilchler, Sarah Schmidt, Mandy Smith, Amy Sterckx, Willian Stevens, Jes Van Hout, and Amy Winter.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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