Different Sources

The stories on this domain were made using Hyperstudio Author and MediaBlender. While it is still possible to use these two programs, they have not been updated in a while and may not be compatible with all devices being used by students. There are, however, a lot of other up to date programs and websites that can be utilized by students to make their own stories. Listed below are a few possible alternatives that can be used.

Google Slides

This is a simple and easily accessible way for students to work together on a story. They are all able to work at the same time and can have access to it without needing to download a certain program. This platform limits the graphics and illustrations that can be included, though. It is easy for students to use if they are in a group, though, since they are able to all work on the project at the same time even if they are all on different devices. Google drive services are commonly used in schools lately, so this is a good opportunity for students to become accustomed to these services.

Cost: Free

Ease of Use: Extremely easy to use

Type of Software: Online, no download necessary (a gmail account is needed)

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All aspects of the story must be separated (i.e. text boxes, pictures, videos, etc. must be placed on their own above one another without overlap) but the site itself is easy for students to figure out how to use. While it may not be possible to have animated pictures in the story using this site, the ability to freely move different aspects of the story to different locations easily allows students to develop creative and critical reading skills. As they work on their story, they can reorder their story to make sure it makes sense.

Cost: Free

Ease of Use: Easy

Type of Software: Online (Just have to sign up for the site)


While this site is more suited for a small animation sequence than a story, students can set their characters to move and act out their story. The characters are able to have animation and speak (with recorded voices). Backgrounds can be uploaded or drawn so students have more creative reign. This website is harder to use than the others and it would take students a while to get used to it due to its more complex nature that gives it a coding feeling.

Cost: Free

Ease of Use: Hard (May not be suitable for younger children)

Type of Software: Online

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